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Steam Operated Lithium Bromide Absorption Chiller

Steam operated lithium bromide absorption chiller is a kind oflarge-size industrial unit with steam as the driving energy, lithium bromide solution as the absorbent and water as refrigerant.

It not only reduces greatly the consumption of electricity and operation fees in regions where there are rich steam resources, but also compensates the peak-valley load difference. While in summer, shortage of electric power poses great concerns for many cities. Concentrated consumption of power caused by the use of airconditioners is the sticking point for such a seasonal problem, for which, steam operated chillers offer an attractive solution.

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The steam sources suitable for the absorption chiller require the saturated steam with pressure in the range of 0~8 bar (G), which is normally the LP or MP steam in the industrial plant. Considering the consumption of steam for driving the absorption chiller, it's suggested to use the low cost steam sources (i.e. the steam generated by the WHRB/HRSG from the high temperature flue gas, which is deemed to be the waste heat.) or the steam coming from the extraction of industrial process, but whose heat grade is too low to be used in other process (i.e. the extraction steam from the LP system of steam turbine).

Based on the heat grade of steam, the steam operated lithium bromide absorption chiller can be divided into two types:

Steam Operated Double Effect Lithium Bromide Absorption Chiller

Saturated steam pressure range: 2.5~8 bar (G)

The most attractive feature of Shuangliang steam operated double effect chiller is its stunning performance in energy saving. High COP of 1.55 ranks it in the leading position worldwide.

Steam Operated Single Effect Lithium Bromide Absorption Chiller

Saturated steam pressure range: 0~2.5 bar (G)

Compared with double effect lithium bromide absorption chiller, the steam operated single effect chiller has lower COP but it has stronger applicability in using the heat sources at lower heat grade. Even the 100℃ steam like esterified steam still can be recycled by Shuangliang steam operated single effect absorption chiller.


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