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Hot Water Operated Lithium Bromide Absorption Chiller

Hot water operated absorption chiller is a kind of large-size industrial or commercial chilling unit with hot water as driving energy, lithium bromide solution as absorbent and water as refrigerant. Depending on hot water temperature, Shuangliang provides a full range of chiller type options, including but not limited as double effect type, two stage type, single stage type, composited type, double lift type to meet different clients’ needs and different working conditions.

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Double Effect Hot Water Chiller

Double effect hot water chiller has higher COP and requireshigher hot water supply & return temperature. (Typical supply temperatureis 160℃). It’s suitable for clients whohave pressurized hot water piping systems. Shuangliang actually made the 1st double effect hot waterchiller in the world for Zurick University Hospital.


Single Stage Hot Water Chiller

Single stage hot water chiller is commonly used in hot water system with operation temperature below 160℃. Typical applications including CHP system, district heating system, waste heat recovery system, etc. The applications in waste heat recovery system help clients significantly improve their energy efficiency and save remarkable cost on energy consumption.


Two Stage Hot Water Chiller

If hot water temperature is lower or client wants to recover more heat from hot water (means hot water return temperature is lower or delta T is bigger), depends on different cases, two stage hot water chiller will be the ideal option.

As the most unique characteristic of two stage hot waterchiller, dual stage generating, evaporating, absorbing and condensing processhelps it extracting more heat from hot water, and achieve bigger delta Toperation.

Two stage hot water chiller is popular in CHP system forengine jacket water heat recovery (where engine jacket water is not high and/ormust be circulated with bigger delta T). If combining with flue gas heatrecovery section, it can improve CHP system efficiency up to 85%.


Composited Type Hot Water Chiller

If the hot water temperature is too low even to operate twostage chiller, composited type hot water chiller shall be used to cover theharsh condition.

Composited type hotwater chiller has lower COP but it can recover extra heat from lowertemperature hot water while normal chillers can’t do, and/or tolerate highercooling water temperature. It provides alternative options for clients who wantto achieve the maximum heat recovery.


Double Lift Type Hot Water Chiller

Double lift type hot water chiller has very special design thanall other type chillers, it’s used for extreme low temperature heat recovery.We will discuss with clients and provide customized solutions case by case.


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